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HealthHub® offers simple, socially-responsible and IRS-compliant commuter solutions designed to get you to work while keeping more dollars in your pocket.

You can take advantage of a full range of commuter products using either an online ordering platform or a reimbursement account. Our online platform includes more than 500 transit authorities and over 9,000 parking locations. The reimbursement solution features a transportation spending account with electronic claims submission. Either solution is simple to implement and easy to use.

A better way to commute each day

Significant tax savings

By paying for your commuting costs with pre-tax dollars, you can decrease your taxable income and increase spendable income. The result? Savings of up to 40% on commuting costs. This savings is money that you get to keep.

Simple to use

Whichever program you choose, it is easy to use. HealthHub®’s online ordering platform houses a comprehensive selection of transportation and parking providers nationwide. From your own PC, you can order transit passes, vouchers and commuter checks each month that are delivered directly to your home address. And you have the added benefit of month-to-month participation for maximum flexibility. If you choose the reimbursement program, simply decide how much to contribute on a pre-tax basis and then submit commuter expenses for reimbursement. Our reimbursement program can also include the PayFlex Card allowing you to simply swipe their card as you incur commuting expenses.

Socially responsible

Remember, when you utilize public transportation in your metropolitan area, you help to reduce your total carbon footprint, helping the environment with every commute.

Ideal for employers, too

With HealthHub®, you benefit from a direct sourcing and distribution program that ensures your transit plan meets the latest IRS requirements. And if you are like most employers, you are looking for ways to be socially-responsible and offer environmentally sustainable services to your employees. Offering a commuter benefits program does just that. You are committing to a cleaner environment one commuter at a time and it couldn’t be easier. If you choose our commuter benefits online program, the employees manage their own accounts so there is no need to track annual elections. And, with both solutions, there is no need for special reporting or plan documents. All of this saves you time and resources, not to mention the environment.