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Healthier, happier employees and lower healthcare costs… That’s the goal of HealthHub®

Give your employees a comprehensive set of easy-to-use tools to better understand their benefit programs, manage their personal wellness and fund their healthcare needs.

How Employers Can Benefit From HealthHub®

Maximize enrollment and usage

Your company’s benefits program should help attract and retain motivated and productive employees. HealthHub® gives you a variety of ways to engage your employees while allowing them get the most from their tax-advantaged programs, including:

  • Web-based employee tutorials
  • Customizable employee education materials
  • Multi-media communication programs
  • PayFlex Mobile™ for account information anytime, anywhere
  • HealthHub® Mall™ for fast, online shopping for eligible healthcare products

Innovative tax-advantaged programs

Maintaining fresh and timely benefits programs are critical to employee satisfaction and retention. HealthHub® represents the latest innovations in the administration of tax-advantaged accounts and COBRA services. We invest millions of dollars in maintaining proprietary software platforms that continually exceed industry standards while delivering the support, functionality and user-friendly tools you and your employees expect.

HealthHub® is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry in a variety of ways:

  • Revolutionary mobile application for FSAs, HSAs and HRAs
  • First in the industry to offer an FSA debit card
  • Developed proprietary credit card platform
  • Selected by Walgreens for debit card substantiation pilot
  • Fastest growing spending account TPA in country

Customer focus and accountability

HealthHub® customer service teams are held accountable for every customer interaction — and they’re rewarded for excellence. Our quality assurance program, SCORE (Service, Commitment, Objective, Review, Evaluation), continually measures our progress and ensures the highest level of service.

Substantiation leader

PayFlex was the first TPA in the country to offer FSA debit cards to its clients. More than 400,000 participants use our healthcare card today.

Walgreens, the leader in FSA debit-card substantiation, chose PayFlex as the administrator for its initial FSA debit-card pilot program. As a result, 100% of FSA-eligible items purchased at Walgreens are processed with no need to submit receipts or additional claim forms.

Today, PayFlex substantiates more than 85% of all FSA claims processed with the PayFlex Card.

Solutions simplified

HealthHub®’s sophisticated suite of products and investment software empowers participants to manage their accounts.

HealthHub® provides employers with a simplified modular solution that combines health, wellness and financial products with administrative, reconciliation, education, enrollment and call center services through one source via one website and a stackable healthcare card.

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