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As an employer, you may wish to simplify your workload by outsourcing direct billing services for your retiree population, employees out on disability or employees taking a leave of absence. HealthHub® is your one-stop resource for managing all your direct billing needs, no matter how complex or changing.

Direct billing solutions that offer employers increased efficiency and participant satisfaction

Dedicated, personal service

Our tenured direct billing specialists provide day-to-day support, working with your company to identify your specific administrative needs and effectively implementing the services tailored to your unique situation. Because direct billing activities require continual maintenance of ever-changing information, administration of a variety of challenges and hands-on expertise, your HealthHub® specialist is always ready to help.

Ease of administration

HealthHub®’s proprietary technology, consistent processes and proactive service means you don’t need to worry about direct billing. We handle it all including next day notices, same day check processing, consistent communications, open enrollment support, predefined monthly premium collection procedures, and detailed plan reporting.

Total participant satisfaction

Your employees will appreciate our ability to serve their unique needs. We offer welcome communications including election notices, flexible payment options via check or ACH, toll-free customer service with IVR account access, available Multi-language help lines, and, of course, simple access to the tools and resources of HealthHub®.

Powered by a leader in direct billing

All services are powered by PayFlex®, a leader in direct billing administration. Our rigorous processes and procedures have earned us SAS 70 Type II Certification, and our secure HIPAA-compliant services deliver peace of mind to large and small employers across the country.